The Brokerage

Safenet is your broker of choice for all your retail and corporate insurance coverage. We offer you a diverse range of risk and insurance services that meet the specific needs of different sectors. We know that each industry and business has its own unique set of challenges and concerns. This is why we offer you insurance solutions that truly protect your interests and address your precise needs including employee benefits, multinational property, casualty programs and other services.

Our brokerage expertise extends to the following specialized areas (with a large choice of

Sharia’a compliant Takaful packages and traditional insurance plans):

  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Professional Risks
  • Political Risks
  • Accident, Life & Health
  • Property
  • Liability
  • Motor
  • Livestock & Bloodstock
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Financial Institutions
Product Development

At Safenet we help insurance companies develop products that are tailored to different markets and sectors. We tap into our profound knowledge of the insurance field and our solid grasp of what businesses and individuals really want from their insurance coverage.

Seeing gaps and shifts in the market, we develop Sharia’a compliant Takaful packages and traditional insurance plans.


Safenet works with insurance companies as a consultant. This results in new insurance  packages that help them target new markets and sectors. This not only generates more business but also provides individuals and businesses with insurance packages that truly address their needs. Coupling local insight with an in-depth understanding of international trends, we give insurance companies the professional guidance and information they need to offer distinctive solutions plus a competitive advantage.