Our aims
  1. Ensure you have the right coverage under all types of your insurance policies.
  2. Ensure you are paying the lowest available premium through the most credible insurance companies.
  3. Represent your company effectively and sincerely in discussions on your behalf with the insurance companies.
  4. Ensure that your policies are continuously updated to cover the proper values of your properties and stocks.
  5. Provide Professional Indemnity insurance for Engineers, Architects and other Professionals.
  6. Provide specific coverage for Clinics and Hospitals with Mal-Practice Insurance.
  7. Provide a user friendly online system for Travel and Marine Insurance.
  8. Provide our own online system which reduces administration work by connecting the client with the insurance company and by allowing the client to:

    a.       Report additions and deletions of staff,

    b.      Request replacement cards, and

    c.       Upload reimbursement claims directly online.

  9. Monitor the addition and deletion in both the group medical and life policies.
  10. Follow up with the insurance company regarding the claim processing.
  11. Provide you with a monthly update regarding the reimbursement claims paid, rejected and pending as well as policy usage by member. This will prove valuable to control your claims and ensure that you have better terms and rates at the next renewal.
  12. Develop and provide insurance products for insurance companies to distribute, with online facilities and reinsurance backing where required.
  13. Work with major corporate clients to assist in securing the proper benefits and prices in all their locations throughout the Middle East region.
  14. Arrange tailor-made coverage for our clients and executives who travel to Iraq and Afghanistan and require special cover for emergency medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, including war risk extension.
  15. Provide Political Violence coverage which compensates investors for equity assets (including property) and income losses caused by: Declared or undeclared war, Hostile actions by national or international forces, Revolution, insurrection, and civil strife, Terrorism and sabotage.


“We take care of your insurance needs, so you can concentrate on what you do best – your business.”


We work on the upcoming renewals of the client’s company and coordinate them with the insurance companies.

We prepare related comparisons of benefits and prices along with our recommendations, for the client’s final review and decision.

We make sure that our clients have the best benefits available as experts in the field.

Latest Updates

Safenet Insurance Brokerage Company to expand operations in Kuwait.

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