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Crescent Global:

  • Is a privately held Lloyd’s accredited international insurance and reinsurance group founded in 1998 to provide specialist insurance, reinsurance, and risk consulting services in the Eastern Hemisphere
  • Is  a leading provider of insurance, reinsurance, risk consulting, employee benefits, and human capital consulting to private and public organizations, ceding companies, and the consumer market place
  • Is fully accredited by Lloyd’s of London with direct access to the Lloyd’s of London through its London based team thus can allow clients to have a direct access to the ultimate and real “risks carriers”
  • Operates through 15 offices worldwide
  • Operates offices in Kuwait, Manama, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Cairo, Beirut, Karachi ,Colombo, London and New York – just to name few
  • Functions through dedicated Industry Practices (e.g. Food & Beverage Practice, Hospitality Practice, Supply Chain Management Practice, Health & Safety Practice etc…) headed by Professional Advisors.


Latest Updates

Safenet Insurance Brokerage Company to expand operations in Kuwait.

Safenet Insurance Brokerage Company rebrand to Crescent Safenet.

Safenet Insurance Brokerage Company joins Crescent Global Network.

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